DIY Halloween Costumes to Thrift from Goodwill

Hello! With Halloween being a lot of people’s favorite holiday and a fun way to express yourself, Modest Blondie here today with some easy DIY costumes that you can thrift from Goodwill!

A lot of times, Halloween is people’s only yearly trip to Goodwill, but if you shop early, you’ll beat the crowds!

Idea for Guys:

  • Brawny Paper Towel Man
    • red and black flannel
    • blue jeans
    • boots
    • a roll of paper towels

Idea for Gals:

  • 80’s Queen
    • Search out a vintage sequin dress and some fabulous pumps (I see these all the time!)
    • OR rock a fun matching jumpsuit and sneakers!
    • Tease that hair and apply ALL THE AQUANET 

Couple’s Costume Ideas:


  • For Her (Marshmallow):
    • White Long sleeve tee
    • White denim
    • Brown riding boots ~ for a perfectly toasted marshmallow look 😉
  • For Him (Chocolate):
    • Brown t-shirt (draw Hershey’s bar squares on it)
  • For Both:
    • Use left over cardboard to create “wearable” graham crackers!

Salt and Pepper

  • For Her (SALT):
    • White Long sleeve tee – Draw ‘S’ on the tee.
    • White denim
    • White beanie
  • For Him (PEPPER):
    • Black t-shirt – Draw ‘P’ on the tee.
    • Black jeans
    • Black beanie

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and have a safe Halloween!

XOXO ~ Taylor