12 Months of Thrifting Introduction

Welcome to a new year of thrifting! If you’ve followed along for a while, you might remember this challenge from a few years ago. The original challenge was designed to help you thrift the basics and essentials, become more comfortable in thrift stores, and be more intentional with your purchases.

Based on reader feedback, we found that many of you are ready to learn some thrifting and styling techniques that will help you add a little extra “spice” to your outfits. You’re ready to elevate your outfits, and so are we!

So the theme of this year’s 12 Months of Thrifting challenge is DASH OF THRIFT.

The goal is to help you step out of your comfort zone just a bit, try something new, and elevate your outfits by adding a “dash of thrift” to your existing wardrobe.

How it works:

I selected 12 items that will effortlessly spice things up and make you look put together. Best part, you can easily find them at secondhand stores.

For each month in 2020, use the schedule to shop for the specific prompt. Better yet, shop your own closet for these items you already own them!

We will share a post each month on the blog and podcast highlighting the featured item and we will provide styling and thrifting tips, so be sure to follow along.


You don’t have to follow each prompt and you’re free to skip ahead! Only wear and buy what you love.

Use this guide as an inspirational tool. If you don’t find something at the thrift store right away  that’s totally okay. Take your time finding the item. If you find January’s prompt in December, it doesn’t mean you failed and it doesn’t mean you have to drop out of the challenge.

More importantly: relax and have fun!

We encourage you to use the #12MonthsofThrifting tag on social. Even if you find the prompts out of order, we still want to see them!

– Dina