4 Back-to-School Style Ideas

I can’t believe the time is near for back to school! I’m sure many of you are saying: Wait. Wait!?


But it’s true. Studying begins for many Ohio schools by mid-August. Now, I know we can have a discussion on whether or not school should start after Labor Day so that our kids get the last full month of summer to enjoy the last bit of nice weather; and some of us may feel school can’t start soon enough (don’t worry, you’re not alone and nobody is judging), but discussing that debate is an entirely different subject! Instead, let’s focus on what our kids will wear at the sound of the first school bell ringing!


I hit the pavement and walked into the Twinsburg location recently. Each time I shop there it’s just looking better and better — well-organized with plenty of inventory.
It just so happens that the day I shopped, all children’s clothing was 25% off. Now, I’m going to back up a second…


All children’s clothing and accessories (with the exception of new items with tags) is already marked to the affordable cost of $2.48. Take 25% off of that amount and you’re paying $1.86 per item! A package of dry erase markers cost more than that!


I headed straight to the aisles for children’s clothes and started plucking away! I could’ve spent several hours putting together different style options for boys and girls because there were so many great-looking pieces to choose from.


Since orange and navy is one of my favorite color combinations, my eyes went right to this boy’s button down Oxford. With its contrasting light blue inverted cuffs, it was in excellent condition. It looked great with a pair of dark-washed loose denims.




Just as well, for my next idea my eyes went straight to these camouflage printed pants. I stuck with a simple heather grey t-shirt from Aeropostale with a contrasting navy graphic to keep it comfy. However, any colored shirt would pair great with these pants. I mean, what color doesn’t coordinate well with camo?


Next, I moved onto the aisles for girls.


When I saw this beautiful baby-blue puffy vest, I bursted with glee! It’s warm, it’s pretty, it’s in excellent condition and it goes great with practically anything in a girl’s wardrobe!

I put it with an embellished cotton shirt — because so many girls like to sparkle — and stretchy jeans.




For my final look, I had to style a traditional school girl outfit when I came across this darling plaid pleated skirt. It needed nothing more than this sweet and simple candy apple red shirt to finish off the look.


In addition to racks of clothes, the Goodwill also sells several different styles of children’s shoes. They too, are only $2.48 a pair. So make sure to stop by the shoe section when shopping for your kid’s upcoming school clothes!


With the next school year starting up soon, the Goodwill is happy to be putting together a back-to-school fashion show at the Summit for Kids event on Saturday, August 20. The entire event is FUN and FREE for school aged kids and their parents.


There’s 9 months of school approaching and our kids are going to want to have fun and stylish clothing options to get them through the year. Stop by your local Goodwill to find many affordable selections to keep them sustained.


Remember… Keep shopping fun. Keep it stylish. And keep it thrifty!