4 Steps for Making Costume Shopping Easy for Kids

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, there’s two types of kids: those who have their minds made up and those who make up their minds last minute!

No need to freak out…the Goodwill is here to help!

There’s nothing that can give you anxiety like putting a costume together last minute. But all your worries will be set free once you walk through the front doors. Costume ideas from princess pirates to creepy skeletons are abound.

Last month, I gave you a few ideas for putting costumes together by picking individual pieces and styling them together to recreate a popular character. This month, I put a few more ideas together, as well as, ideas for a few costumes all ready to wear!

I am absolutely in love with this witch’s costume! I believe the key to a great homemade witch costume is layers. The more you add — like a shirt to a vest or shawl the better.

I can’t take all the credit for this one, however. My 7 year old was at my side and picked out this “witch’s” skirt and I added on from there. I felt I scored when I found this cute black tank, which reminds me more of a vest. I then took a peek at the accessories table and found this traditional looking hat with colorful accents. The turquoise top was an easy choice by the time everything else was put together. Pick up a pair of striped stockings and black boots and this costume is complete!

For your young guy, check out the accessories for inspiration. When I saw this bright orange construction hat, I quickly made my way to the boy’s aisles. Worn jeans and a bright T-shirt makes for the simplest, yet creative construction worker costume. Stop in at a hardware store and pick up a “caution” sign to make this costume even more authentic!

My child adored this sequined pink costume dress. The jagged edges reminded me of a pirate, so why not create a pirate princess!? Hitting the accessories again, I scored with the perfect pirate hat! Argggg!

There’s nothing sweeter than a toddler in a ladybug costume. Well, at least it’s one of the sweetest ways to dress up your love bug. This costume comes complete with polka dots and wings! The matching treat pail was the perfect find and an added bonus!

For great, efficient costumes or last minute ideas, the Goodwill has plenty bagged costumes too! Check out some of these irresistible finds for boys and girls:

Need more ideas? Here’s a few steps that can help:

1. Stop at the Halloween accessories area.
2. Grab a couple of hats/accessories that capture your attention.
3. Go to the designated aisle for boys or girls clothes.
4. Have fun putting together a costume!

This is the best time of year to have your kids get their imaginative juices flowing. If you’re more of a last minute shopper, the Goodwill has that covered too!
Step inside and have fun getting inspired!

Wishing all your ghouls a Safe and Happy Halloween!