Another Day Another Sparkle.

I’m in a fashion rut. I’m teetering between a wanting to wear a wardrobe that is weirder the B-E-T-T-E-R, while simultaneously considering that simplicity my standard. Am I a maximalist, a minimalist, or am I both?

I adore planning outfits, piecing together fabrics, textures and accessories where my instincts kick in and say, Yes! I know what feels right, I like to takes risks, too. It feeds this odd part of me that I can’t put my finger on other than it’s simply a creative process that brings me Joy. I feel the same joy when I see my peers try a new look and watch the epiphany unfold that yes in fact I CAN WEAR THIS! It’s love. Pure love.

So, with the passionate style wizardry I possess… I’m losing my power to dress myself! But I don’t think it’s because I’ve lost my zest for loving style. I feel, I’m at a place in my journey that I’m asking myself, why? Does is matter. 

Who am I without my wardrobe?

Leandra Medine, the creator of Man Repeller, a style blog I borderline stalk, sums it up perfectly.  This is exactly, how I’ve been feeling.

I’ve been revisiting parts of my wardrobe that I haven’t seen in years, looking inward at what I have, instead of outward at what I want, and this has been, no question, the second-to-most pervasive cliche to summate these incipient inklings of my I-have-arrived-at-30 sense of personal growth. It’s not getting you want, right? It’s wanting what you’ve got.

I read this and Ring-Ring! Bells rang in my head. The peaceful kind that sound like a quaint little church. She summarized EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling. 

Here’s where it really dawned on me. Recently I ordered a swimsuit from Macy’s for vacation. I picked it up at the store and browsed around for, oh, about 30 minutes. I even walked past all the makeup counters which is like a million pieces of chocolate to chocoholic to me, and I did’t stop to oogle, sample or test ONE item. Then! I walked into the shoe departed, another area I can easily lose time…..and nothing. I walked out as quickly as I walked in.

What. Is. Happening to me!? 

Walking around this store all I could see was stuff – stuff and more stuff. It all felt unnecessary and overpriced. I apologize for sounding so negative… I just felt unimpressed and uninspired in an environment that use to make me feel so happy! Was I loosing interest in fashion?

Who am I without my wardrobe? That question scares me, I’ll be honest, to the core. It has been such an integral part of who I am, it’s my go-to creative outlet and my armor for everyday life. It physically sets the tone for my day, whether I need comfort of confidence – I can turn to my wardrobe. If I strip that way – then (epiphany) I just have to be me.

This is a new found freedom that is overwhelming and calming at the same time. I’m placing more value on the moments and energy in my day, than planning the perfect outfit. Don’t worry – I can tell there is a lot of creativity ahead of me.

To begin a focus on this new outlook I gave myself a style challenge.

I picked up these vintage shoes at the Goodwill on State Rd. They were $2.00 with the tags still on. The label is Carysma Club. I had a tractor beam for the sequins so I thought if I get them …I’ll wear them everyday for one week! If this one shoe could make me feel this good why not wear them everyday – what more do I need, really.  So I did and you can see where I wore them. By the end of the week I had people at work commenting on how much they loved them, how different they are, one women stopped me at the Italian Center as I was walking past her – just to tell me she admired them. One shoe, one decision and a small challenge, brought me an entire week of joy. 

I’ll begin to build on this concept more in my next post for the Goodwill, where I do nearly all my shopping, choosing wisely on what will bring me Joy. Stay tune for part 2 on the experiences that have contributed to this new approach. Money, awareness, love – truly is like a juicy novel! 

Here’s where I wore my sparkle.

1. The offices at MC Salon and Spa (everyday)

2. My Acupuncture appointment

3. Spaghetti dinner at the Italian Center in North Hill

4. Our yard

5. Yoga at Yoga Squared 

6. On a patio with the girls and my god daughter.

7. Mass