Fabric Hoop DIY

I recently purchased these fabric filled hoops from Christine of Mama’s Happy Stuff.

I really like how they brought some color and texture to the walls in our kitchen so I decided to add to the family by making a few more of these hoops with some fabric I’ve picked up from Goodwill.

Supplies Needed:

1 – Embroidery Hoops (pick up at any local craft store)

2 – Fabric from Goodwill (Could be anything… shirt, skirt, bed sheet, etc.)

3 – Scissors

4 – Hot Glue

I used this blue floral skirt from Goodwill which you may remember me also using in this frame upcycle project a few months ago.

I also used this Goodwill shirt with eyelet trim.

First step is to cut a piece of fabric a few inches bigger than the size of the hoop:

Then cut a long strip of fabric about half an inch wide.

Separate the 2 circles on your hoop and wrap this fabric strip around the larger, OUTER hoop. Secure in place with hot glue.

Then place your large scrap of fabric between the two hoops and press the smaller, inner one inside the larger one. This will make your fabric nice and taught. Trim the extra fabric in the back, and ta da!

They are now a family of five.

If you’re not up for trying this yourself, or if you’re interested in even snazzier versions with custom stitching, check out my friend Christine’s etsy shop; http://www.etsy.com/shop/mamashappystuff

Happy Thrifting,