How To Wear A Statement Earring

For the past 7 – 8 years the style of earrings we’ve worn are tiny, slight, dainty, and cutesy! They had a demure presence in fashion, so much so that many of us including myself, have gotten use to wearing simple studs. Little darling earrings that we can wear for a week (or MONTHS) without even changing. Sounds kinda odd saying that aloud: “I haven’t changed my earring in months…” Lame… or gross… I don’t know which one has more weight.

Earring styles have changed. The style pendulum has swung from one extreme to the other as it tends to do. Door knockers, as they use to call them, have had a resurgence. Only this time, these swaying baubles are styled as artistic statement pieces. Constructed with light weight metals and materials. We don’t have to worry about dangling lobes. Although some feel that look is cool… I’m game if you are. Here is my theory behind statement earrings that is helpful for everyone. They will totally brighten your complexion, draw attention to your eyes, and present a confident, creative character.

Christa McNeely,
Mentor Stylist at MC Hair Consultants


Above all else, and this is my favorite quality of any trend I explore, you only have to do one thing. When you wear a statement earring, you’re wearing your entire outfit on your ear! That’s it – that’s all you have to do! The rest of your outfit should be as simple sally as these….


All other accessories fall by the wayside. You do not want anything competing with the statement earring, and on your makeup should even be kept simple. Because all that matters is what is hanging from those pretty little earlobes of yours. If you do not wear earrings at all, or just studs, I would suggest easing yourself into this fashion. Because, quite frankly, you’re gonna feel it. It’s something new hitting your neck, and a bit of an added weight to your earlobes. Pick something light, and wispy – that
look more like this:


Statement earrings may not be a look you’ll feel comfortable in everyday, or even every week. Start small. Pick one day your searching for something extra and want try something new. Friday’s are always good – you know why? Because everyone you see will want to run out over the weekend and get a pair – just – like – you!

Start easy. The accessories selection at blue always, and I mean ALWAYS presents me with an excellent selection of all accessories… especially the ones you have seen above (except for the pink disks, those were my Nana’s).  🙂

No shame in the BIG EARRING game!

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