Spring Fashion Finds

lauren1Greetings Goodwill Shoppers!  

 I have been finding the best things at Goodwill lately.  It seems like I’ve hit the jackpot every trip. Could it be more folks are spring cleaning?  Anyway, here are a few discoveries I’ve made lately.

I scored some awesome printed blue and white pants (pictured), and a few sweaters that I have been wearing weekly. 

 I also found a beautiful summer wrap dress which I can’t wait to wear, a blue denim button-up top (denim everything is so in right now), some really funky bowls, and a really cute gray leopard cardigan (which you can literally pair with anything).  

lauren4And, if you are a member of Goodwill’s Customer Appreciation program you can save 35% off your entire purchase, on April 10!  

 Happy April! 

 Lauren Ward