Secondhand Splurging – How To Pay Less for Designer Items

Hi there! Modest Blondie here to talk about some of the amazing brands that you can find at blue / A Goodwill Boutique /.

Have you ever saved up for a designer bag? Or a high-end pair of shoes? How do you decide when to splurge and when to go with the less expensive version from Target? What if I told you there was a way to choose the splurge every time?

Well, I have news for you- when you shop secondhand you can have the designer bag for less than the Target knock-off!

What?! I know… awesome right?!

Today I’m going to share 3 brands that you can find at blue / A Goodwill Boutique / with price tags that will absolutely amaze you! If you’re not a local, don’t stop reading! I bet there is a Goodwill around the corner that you can find goodies at too!

Brand #1: Steve Madden

This brand can be found on most department store shelves and I feel like there is always a Steve Madden shoe of the season that every blogger says you have to have. When I think Steve Madden- I think “Now Trending”. I love having the option to buy this brand and not break the bank! Paroozing blue last week, I saw tons of trendy Steve Madden items for a fraction of the retail prices!

Notice how the website offers “afterpay” to purchase their items, but there is no need for that when the price at blue is less than a quarter of the retail price!

Brand #2: Dooney & Bourke

I’ve personally purchased both a vintage and more recent (as in still on their website for sale!) Dooney bag from blue.

The price on both of these Dooney’s was $30, but with a coupon I only paid $19.50 each! (I told you all I was a bag lady!! – hehe!)

PS- Don’t forget to sign up for weekly sale emails here, and ask for a goodwill card if you don’t already have one, that’s how you get coupons!

Brand #3: Michael Kors

I am amazed at how much Michael Kors I find at blue every time I go in! I know I had a couple of MK bags on my curated rack even. From clothes, to shoes, and amazing bags, you won’t find better prices on like new pieces, especially when you hit the weekly sales right! Last week, all of the shoes and bags were 35% off. Meaning that the prices I have listed below would have been slashed another 35%!!

I picked up these flats a few weeks ago for $19.50 after my coupon was applied! They’re perfect for the office or pair them casually with jeans!

More Brands I spotted at blue:

  • Coach
  • Kate Spade
  • J.Crew
  • Tommy Bahama
  • Ann Taylor / Ann Taylor LOFT
  • Nike
  • Sperry… and so much more!

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my curated rack and checked out this awesome boutique in downtown Akron!

Happy <<Secondhand>> Splurging!